Educational Digitec 2015

Digital technologies - effective educational means

7-th open annual session of EduDigiTech-2015


Promoter                                Ministry of Education of RA

Coordinator                            Educational complex «Mkhitar Sebastatsi»

Official web                  

The main purpose                 The presentation and promotion of mobile and creative education with the usage of digital means and IT in public education  

The session is organized as teachers and students educational project, which aims to summarize, promote and propagate the use of mediatechnologies and the mobile and creative educational experience  in general education. 


  1. e-Book, package of medialibrary
  2. Educational Materials, including lessons for distance learning and lessons made by Smart Notebook software
  3. Adoption-integration of new digi-tools and technologies
  4.  Methodolocal article
  5. Methodological-pedagogical translation, presentation of others experience
  6. Educational blog, web-site, web-page
  7. TV,  Radio and Video Art
  8. Effective support to EduDigiTec,  Propagation of EduDigiTec
  9. Presentation of the results of educational projects
  10. Projects of educational-creative gatherings, plenary, camps
  11.  Digitec as an instrument for primary school graduates
  12. DigiTec in family
  13. DigiTec as an effective tools for additional education
  14. Storyteller DigiTec
  15. New Year and Christmas DigiTec
  16. Digi-concert, digi-traditions
  17.  Narration of teachers', students', parents' educational activity 2014-2015
  18. Mediaservice of the General Education
  19. Digi-advertisement

From January 14 to February 1    All the  materials and projects must be published on, students' and teachers'  blogs, personal websites and the social net,  and all the personal, group, class, school and family applications posted.

The prize of EduDigiTec is a ticket for a creative camp tour. Special, promotional and individual prizes are announced and awarded by the initiative individuals, groups and organizations.

Translations of all the applications and articles received in foreign languages will be provided

On the 26th of January is the official opening of the session and on the 6th of February is the official closing, when the results of the competition will be announced.

From February 3 to 5 open workshops, round-table discussions, exhibitions, performances and work of a competition commission will be held.

On the 6th of February-Festive Media Friday, prize awarding

On the 7th of February-the traditional Ghapama ritual.

The guesthouse of educomplex will be available.

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