The way to Smart society

Digital technologies - effective educational means

5-th open annual session of EduDigiTech

Promoter                                Ministry of Education of RA

Coordinator                            Educational complex «Mkhitar Sebastatsi»

Official web                  

The main purpose                  The integration of new digital methods and solutions, information

                                                  technologies and tools in the  public education 

From January 10 to February 4    All the materials and projects must be published in students' and teachers'

                                                 blogs,personal websites and the social net and all the personal, group, class, school

                                                and family applications posted.

Starting from the 20-th of January all the expo and competition materials will be published in the, and all the articles and translations in the e-journal

The 4-th of February                        The inauguration of the session

From 4 to 7 of February                  Educational expo

                                                             subject seminars

                                                             round tables

                                                             master classes

                                                              mediaskills competition

The 8-th of February                        Closing ceremony of the session, prize-giving ceremony

The 9-th of February                        Traditional <<Ghapama>> eating ceremony

Participants                                        Public school students, parents, teachers, other professionals, IT

                                                              sector enterprises

Directions                                         New tools and means of media education

                                                            Virtual laboratories, educational site, blog, online TV

                                                            Educational computer games, Robotix

                                                            Medialibrary, e-books

                                                            Technical innovation

                                                            Smart lessons

                                                            Technologies of future generation. 3D-modelling in the public edu

Nominations                             Educational material

                                                           Interactive lesson



                                                           Adoption-integration of new digi-tools and technologies

                                                           Methodological article 


                                                           Online TV, radio

                                                          Educational blog, site

                                                           Educational digi-project

                                                          Hakob Hakobyan award. Technical innovation

                                                          Mediaman, mediafamily 

                                                           Effective support to EduDigiTech 2013

Partners                                             Ministry of Education of RA

Translations of all the applications and articles received in foreign languages will be provided

The guesthouse of educomplex will be available.

DigiTech 2013 Director  ` Srbuhi Aghababyan, (374)

Our address: Yerevan, 52/6 Admiral Isakov ave.,

Tel: (374),(374)  




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