Educational Project EduDigitec 2014

Dear friends, here you can find information about educational project "EduDigitec 2014". If you have any suggestions or comments, please leave them in the comment gap at the bottom of the page.


Educational Digitech 2014

Annual International Review

Educational Project



1. Nominations

2. Revision and development of requirements
3. Executives from the schools form the creative group
4. The creative group has regular (monthly) meetings for discussions 
5. New partners
6. Outgoing Round tables

7.Presentation of the project at different festivals, reviews, seminars and conferences

9. Master classes given by students

10. Colaboration with ITLab.

11. Newsletters at MediaFridays

12. EduDigitec website activation

13. The Website is open and teachers and students can always write their proposals 

14. Դիջիթեքի կայքի ակտիվացում

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